Today I  wish to introduce you to one of the greatest modern scientists. He was a self proclaimed atheist but apart from that I find his attitude of life a kind lesson to all of us. This is a man who at the age of 21 was diagnosed with an incurabe disease and wasn’t expected to celebrate his 25th birthday. But this man died at 76.

Despite his condition he pursued life with determination and went on to become one of the highly recognized scientist. He once said, ” however, difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”

This inspires us with one very important thing, that life’s difficulties, ups and downs, crisis in marriage, difficult parenting and many others are proofs that life is hard. But, know this, there is still something you can succeed at. You are not destined to fail at everything.

The best thing as per now is the realization of what is placed deep within you. A power to discover and even reinvent yourself. What has made Mercedes one of the biggeSt car manufacturers for decades is because they are constantly inventing something new.

What will make you not be rendered irrelevant is your ability to create a new you. How you’ll be able to repackage yourself in an appealing brand. Remember even your old friends need to see a new you once in a while, and with this friendship continues.

In conclusion, Hawkings urges people who look upto the stars rather than on our feet. It’s when we look up we see an endless horizon. We are motivated to address our curiosity amd in this we invent rediscover some power that is inside us.

Therefore, even if from your perspective life is hard. Just know that there is something you can succeed at. It could be small but dear one, remember it’s success. And success is cumulative it builds on the other.


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